Winery - Balbás


Guarantee, quality, research , and innovation are the four basic pillars of Bodegas Balbas´s modern philosophy to produce almost a million bottles :

– A guarantee of quality: Following the same traditional methods used by our ancestors
yet adapting to modern times, for example with modern stainless steel deposits or the latest advances in measurement or quality control, cold stabilization or strict temperature control during fermentations.
– Research: our oenological team works endlessly in researching and developing new techniques to improve quality and personality, in constant search of excellence.
– Daring innovation:  Going that little bit farther makes all the difference in our wines of today and in the future. New products brimming with personality will soon be released.

All this assures that our wines are premium level both nationally and internationally, which has been endorsed by the multiple prestigious awards we have received.



It all starts by taking care of our own 90 hectares of vineyards. Tinta del Pais (Tempranillo) is the most planted variety in our region, but we love to blend it with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. All our grapes are handpicked, usually starting in the first week in October, although the dates vary from year to year. The low production per hectare depends on the age of the vineyards, and along with the canopy management and other skilled work whilst respecting the environment gives our profound and intense wines a unique personality



The most delicate part of the process of making a great wine is ageing in oak barrels. We use American and French oak selected before the barrels are made, to control the drying and toasting which permit our wines to rest tranquilly, in a stable temperature environment with controlled light allowing each bottle to evolve to its best potential.



It is especially important to finish off each bottle well. In Bodegas Balbas we look for the best continuation and mark out the quality of our range of wines and of course the typicity of our region. Our wines will continue to develop in structure and balance so you can enjoy an excellent final product.