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Winemaking at Rutini Wines is headed up by Mariano Di Paola, a key figure in Argentina´s wine industry. Mariano´s continual challenge is to achieve a `great wine´, and for him the best vintage is always the next.

In order to achieve his goal, Marino encourages effective team work at the winery. He constantly strives to spread his passion and love into everything he does. He believes if everyone works as a team and with clear, well- defined objective, Rutini Wines will enjoy even greater success.

The winemaking team at Rutini Wines is constantly experimenting and searching for new techniques to further improve the quality of their products.

Recent investment include: optical grape selector (one of the few in Argentina), eight 20,000 liters, two, 10,000 liters and two 5,000 liter tanks for sparkling wine fermentation (Traditional & method), and 7,500 liter  conical fermentation tank technology specially designed by Mariano Di Paola. These unique shaped tanks are particularly effective in facilitating better extraction, resulting in better concentration of the wines. The winery also features roto French oak fermenters for their top end wines.


Considered one of the most advanced wine facilities in Argentina, the Rutini winery at Tupungato has been the beneficiary of over a century of winemaking expertise.  


  • Rutini still practices 100% hand harvesting and grape selection.
  • Picking occurs during the cooler morning hours; upon arrival the grapes are transferred to refrigeration units at the winery entrance that lower the temperature to 50°F, keeping the grapes cool to preserve delicate aromas and prevent oxidation.
  • To ensure maximum accuracy in fruit selection, Rutini is the first Argentine winery to use an advanced Optical Grape Sorter, calibrated for preferred grape size, color and shape.
  • The simple, clean design of the winery built from cement blocks allows for minimal handling with an emphasis on gravity transfers.
  • Di Paola has perfected a gentle pressing technique to slowly sink the cap with an inflatable membrane that compresses and extracts liquid from the crushed skins resulting in more color, flavor and tannin.
  • Rutini has nine different types of fermentation vessels, ranging from a custom diamond tank designed to facilitate gentle compression to cement eggs and 600-liter wood fermenters.
  • Di Paola and his team have identified and replanted 26 distinct Malbec strains from the best parcels in Mendoza at Tupungato; each lot is vinified separately in 600-liter wood tanks.
  • The Rutini barrel room is situated adjacent to the vinification area, designed with thick, cement walls to maintain naturally low temperatures. The winery relies on French oak, sourced from a variety of cooperages and of varying toast. Di Paola prefers a more restrained approach to wood.


On October 2008, Rutini Wines constructed the first walls of the new winery in The Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina. Even though, The Rutini Family was one of the first to plant vineyards in the Tupungato Valley in 1925, it was over 80 years after that the dream to build a modern winery began.

In a race against time, the contemporary construction of the 70000 ft² (6500 m²) state of the art facility was launched. The challenge was met just in time as the winery received its first grapes for that year´s vintage in March of 2009. In total, RW owns 890 acres (360 ha) of vines, all in altitudes ranging from 3444 to 3900 feet above sea level (1050 to 1200 meters m.a.s.l.).

In this place where the winery stands, Rutini Wines owns 370 acres (150 ha) of vines, all in altitudes at 4051 feet above sea level (1235 m.a.s.l).

Rutini, and Trumpeter are elaborated in the Tupungato Winery.

- Total Capacity: 1.585 Mill Gal. (7132 l).
- French & American Oak Barrels Capacity: 6.000.
- Optical Grape Selector.
- Roto French oak fermenters.
- Innovative conical tank technology.
- Small Concrete Tanks.
- Traditional method Sparkling Wine facility.
- Sparkling Wine Facility.

Although the Tourism and Hospitality area is not yet complete, the building expresses a special design that includes: illuminated areas, wide-open spaces and beautiful views from the inside and balconies, all creating an element of surprise from the vineyard horizon. The snow-capped mountain of “Cordon del Plata” (Andes Mountains), has a beautiful year long snow-capped view, providing for a picturesque view from every corner.  The impressive stairway that leads to the main entrance in the middle of the building will be surrounded by vines and olive trees, inviting our guests to begin the Rutini Experience.

Rutini Wines