Viñals Wine & Food launches its new Argentinian Wineries in the UK



We are delighted to announce our new prestigious Argentinian Wineries. 
For this, we have a special event "Taste the Difference".
The 11th of September in the Argentine embassy. 



In this special occasion, we will taste a selection of Argentina ́s most prestigious and finest wines from different Regions and Styles in 3 Master Classes hosted by the Wineries Characters.

Domaine Bousquet - the most awarded Organic Wines Master Class.
Tukma - Finca Las Nubes – Salta, High Altitude Wines Master Class.
Piedra Negra Wines – the great wine expressivity from the foothills of The Andes Mountains.
1854 Herbs & Spices” pairing with Argentine Delicatessen and Wines.