Rutini Wines News - August 2017



Argentine Embassy Cup by Rutini Wines in Ibiza Polo Club

On the Argentine Independence Day, July 9th, the final of 4th edition of the International Mixed Polo Tournament took place in Ibiza. The sport event attracted world-renowned guests who savored the best of Rutini wines while watching a great polo match.



The game over, the Argentine ambassador in Spain, Ramón Puerta, awarded the “Argentine Embassy Cup” to the winner team. Guests also enjoyed a live flamenco show by Gipsy Moreno –ex Gipsy Kings- and his son, Christian Moreno, and mouthwatering traditional Argentine asado accompanied by a selection of the best Rutini wines.








Excellent scores for Rutini wines in Descorchados 2017

The renowned critic from Chile, Patricio Tapia, annually releases his wine guide “Descorchados”, where he writes about the best wines from Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. He organizes his publications in different categories -varieties and vineyard location, among others-. For each category, Tapia scores selected wines and includes a section where he highlights the top 10 wines of each category.
Proud of the high scores more than 40 of our wines got in the Descorchados 2017 edition, we share with you the privileged ones appearing in the guide:

-    Best White wine:
     Rutini Antologia XLV (95 points)
-    Best Sparkling wine:
     Rutini Brut Nature (92 points)
-    Best White Blend:
     Rutini Antologia XLV (95 points) 
     Rutini apartado Grand Chardonnay
    (94 points)

-    Best Cabernet Franc:
     Rutini Single Vineyard Gualtallary Cb
     Franc (95 points)

-   Best Merlot:
     Rutini Single Vineyard Altamira
    (93 points)
     Rutini Trumpeter Merlot (89 points)

-    Best White wine of other varieties:
     Rutini Colección Gewurtztraminer
    (92 points)

-    Best Pinot Noir:
     Rutini Colección Pinot Noir (90 points)
-    Best Sauvignon Blanc:
     Rutini Colección Sv Blanc (92 points)
-    Best wine in Tupungato:
     Colección Rutini Cabernet Sauvignon
    (93 points)

-    Best in Uco Valley:
     Rutini Antologia XLV (95 points) 
     Rutini Antologia XL (95 points)
     Rutini Apartado Gran Chardonnay 
    (94 points) 
     Rutini Apartado Gran Malbec (94 points)
     Rutini Apartado Gran Blend (94 points)