About Us



Our business history starts with the founding of our Spanish Sister Company, Viñals Wine & Food S.L., in 2002 as a result of having detected a major unsatisfied market for Argentine products and services.
With the knowledge that we could provide high quality Argentine products in the UK Market Viñals Wine & Food LTD. was founded in 2014 with the aim to provide trade-related and international transportation solutions.
Our work is based on two main areas of business:

- The importation of wine, beverage, food and authentic Argentine goods from leading brands, which are sold through an extensive sales network spread throughout Spain, UK and expanding into EU.

- The export of Spanish, UK and EU food and personal effects to South America.

We are a young company with a dynamic spirit ...

  • directed by qualified personnel with a strong commitment to tradition and constant professional development. We offer personalized treatment to our customers, allowing us to identify the true market and to constantly adapt.
  • specializing in the wholesale market, for all kinds of Argentine products that we supply through our distribution network.
  • all our business is certified to current European standards, ensuring a high level of quality in the services we provide.
  • with a strong focus on our customers, transforming their needs into real and effective business development.


Our philosophy is based on trust and close cooperation with our customers creating long term bonds, making our needs and successes theirs.