1854 Hierbas & Especias

 (Herbs & Spices)


1854 is the product of work, passion and perseverance. Currently the absolute leader in Argentina and in the world.

The company was born in 2002, coinciding with the Gourmet trend that began to appear in the strongly traditional Argentine cuisine. TV channels and graphic media announced the gradual disembarkation of exotic currents. Little by little, the familiar matrons of the kitchen were being replaced by young chefs who portrayed themselves as personalities of the medium - not recipes communicators but creators, painters of flavors. The palette par excellence: spices, with which they printed on all kinds of dishes their personal seal.

However, most of these products were inaccessible, even unknown in the Argentine market, which was restricted to a handful of spices rooted in the national culinary culture. The incipient Gourmand curiosity of the average consumer, could not find answers.

With more passion than strategy, with great vision and a high market sensitivity, 1854 proposed an alternative spreading the value of spices.

Thus, for the first time introduced a range of high-end products, from the most traditional to the most exotic, in a market where they were having little role.

An innovative spirit imprinted on the very essence of the brand, accompanies its remarkable growth.

Welcome to a new world of aromas and flavors 1854!


Linea Tradicional (Traditional Line):

Pure spices of the highest quality, from the most traditional to the most exotic.

Molinillos (mills):

Varieties of grains in disposable grinders, to obtain the aroma and flavor of freshly ground spices.


Linea Alimentos Saludables (Healthy Foods Line):

Foods that, by their nature, are healthy. And as tasty as all the products of 1854. Original blends that convert simple preparations into nutritious and gourmet dishes.

Pack Gastronomico (Gourmet Pack):

A line specially designed for hotels, restaurants and kitchens that use the products of 1854 on a large scale.

Sobres Especiales (Special envelopes):

Pure spices of the highest quality, the most traditional for everyday use.